Condolence & Memory Journal

So sorry for you loss. Growing up Theresa was really good to me. She will be greatly missed. Sending my sincerest condolences.

Posted by Eddie Patriarch - Folcroft, PA - Friend   December 01, 2021

My dear Aunt Tree, going to miss all of our moments togetherlaughing, hanging at the boat, your hair cutsjust having you around! Love you! Xoxo

Posted by Terri - Folcroft, PA - Family   November 30, 2021

Grand mom it's me dejea I never really got to say goodbye but just know I really love you and always will it broke my heart when I heard, I couldnt comprehend all this when I first heard it but I realized that your in a better place, I will always remember the nicknames you gave me and tell when we got into the car in the morning for school and our snacks❤, I wish I could've said goodbye and I know you would always want me to be happy,smile,& get through school and not get into no trouble I will always remember you not just by making sure me and Ariel are ok but also bye how much of an awesome grandmother you were to me I really miss you a lot and I promise this year I will make you proud and graduate 8th grade, I love you so much words can't explain it❤,I would love you forever now your are with aunt Donna and aunt nicki❤,and I will forever make you proud, oh and Katty misses you alot we both do but I'm going have to ask poppy to take care of her because without me or you down there she will be all alone hopefully he treats her like you she was basically like your other grandchild❤, I miss you a lot down here my heart hurts so bad right now but I will always remember how you would want me to be happy even if times are rough and look at the good side of things❤. Love you lots and so does katty❤

Posted by Dejea Keagle - Philadelphia, PA - Grandchild   November 29, 2021

My cousin Tree! My best friend since childhood! I will never forget those memories we shared. My heart is broken.!Until we meet again I love you with all my heart cus! Always in my ❤ Maria xo

Posted by Maria Pierandozzi-Ranalli - Tampa, FL - Family   November 27, 2021

Sister Tree. Sista' Kate here. Don't know what I can possibly say..... maybe later. For now, We
love you and miss you.

Posted by Kate Ranalli - Wayne, PA - Sister   November 27, 2021

I'm terribly sorry to see/hear this heart breaking news. You will be missed by many. You really are ONE OF KIND, unforgettable and there's soo many memories of you I'll hold dear to my heart. You were so caring and helpful yet set in your ways and stubborn at times but that's what I loved about ya. You helped soo many including me at some low times. When others weren't there to care you did. I always appreciate and love you for that forever. I'm at peace knowing you are back with Donna & Nikki and I'm imagining how happy you are to be with them again. I know everyone will be together one day. Will never forget you or the times we shared. Look after your growing family Big Theresa Momma Moff. Xoxo

Posted by Trina King - Glenolden, PA - Family Friend   November 24, 2021

Gram, I don't know how I'm going to make it through this but I'm going to try very hard and remember that you would want me to be strong I just want you to know that you did a great job raising me I will forever be grateful for that I miss you way more than you will ever know I cannot wait to see you again but at least you are back with Mommy Aunt Donna and Uncle Huxk. I hope that I'm making you proud. From This Day Forward everything that I do I will keep in mind that I'm doing it to make you Mommy and Aunt Donna proud of me love you you will forever be my granmudder

Posted by Donnelly Krista - PA - Grandchild   November 23, 2021

tree its me fred (hon) I miss you so very much. you were my one n only true luv and will be forever n always.

Posted by fedele Moffa - Folcroft, PA - Spouse   November 23, 2021